Adjustable Constant Pressure Using Your Tank

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Adjustable Constant Pressure Using Your Tank

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Don't want to chance having to replace expensive electronic constant pressure systems components?

How about getting adjustable constant pressure mechanically using your pressure tank for under $300?


CSV1A adjustable cycle stop valve kit Includes:

Cycle Stop Valve CSV1A 1-25GPM 1" FNPT Inlet and Outlet Stainless Steel Cycle Stop Valve Adjustable From 15 to 150PSI,

1/4" MNPT X 3" Brass Nipple,

1" PVC Union 1" FNPT X 1" FNPT or 1-1/4" PVC Union 1-1/4" FNPT X 1-1/4" FNPT

100psi  Brass Pressure Relief Valve 1/2' MNPT X 1/2" FNPT,

2X 1" Brass Short Threaded Nipples

0-100psi 1/4" MNPT Back mounting liquid filled gauge,

1-1/4" Tank Cross 1-1/4" FNPT X 1-1/4" FNPT X 1-1/4" FNPT with 3/4" FNPT Front Port and (2) X 1/4" FNPT Top Ports, 1" system with 2X 1-1/4" to 1" reducer bushings

40/60 Pressure Square D Switch

Loosely Assembled

Also Includes Shipping Cost To Your Door


Installation Instructions


At circuit breaker, turn off the pump. Before installation of the cycle stop valve, loosen the lock nut on the adjusting bolt in top of cycle stop valve, then loosen bolt until there is no tension against that bolt. Tighten bolt a little for slight pressure against that bolt. That should give you a starting pressure of about 15 to 25PSI at the outlet of the valve. With all water emptied from tank adjust the air pressure to about 5 to 10PSI below the pump start up of switch.(example would be a 40/60PSI switch would be 5 to 10PSI below the 40PSI startup of pump or 30 to 35PSI of air pressure in the empty tank). Install all components on your tank. Turn pump back on at breaker and open a small amount of water flow, 2-3 GPM. While pump is running the gauge supplied with the system should read 15 to 25psi. Tighten screw slightly and watch gauge for increase in pressure, wait until the pressure stops increasing. Repeat until you have reached the desired constant pressure. Remember the switch must have a higher shutoff pressure than your desired pressure was set at, usually about 5psi higher. To adjust the switch always use the big nut, tightening increases the shutoff pressure and loosening reduces shutoff pressure. Normally switches have a 20psi spread between start and stop. When you increase shutoff pressure, start pressure increases the same amount. Note: your switch will not make your new adjustment until it has gone through an on/off cycle. Tighten 2 turns or loosen 2 turn per adjustment noting where your original position was by measuring distance from top of stud to top of large nut.

The cycle stop valve should hold your desired constant pressure and the pump continue to run as long as you have a water demand. After water is shut off, pump should also shut off shortly after. NOTE: This system does not make your pump use more electricity, in fact, it will use less. Call 866-960-9621 and ask for David if more instructions are needed.


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