SQE 3" 2 Wire Submersible Pumps

SQE 3" 2 Wire Submersible Pumps


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The Grundfos SQE pump is the replacement pump model used in the SmartFlo sytem

Some models aren't listed because they wouldn't provide the required pressure for the CU301 controller.

Call 866-960-9621 if you don't see the pump model listed.



NOTE: The main difference between an SQ and SQE model pump is that the SQE model starts as an SQ model but has communication electronics added. The SQE model can then communicate with the CU300/CU301 SmartFlo controllers without using any additional wires(similar to DSL and the telephone working together on the same wires). If your simply using a pressure switch or manual power supply, the SQ pump model operates similar to a standard submersible well pump at full speed only. The SQE model can be wired straight to the power supply without using a controller and used as an SQ model at full speed only but without the use of the controller its variable speed ability and other controller functions are not available. Both SQ/SQE models have soft start, over/under voltage protection and run dry features when wired direct to required voltage.

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Grundfos SQE 3" 2 Wire Submersible Pumps Ship "FREE"

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