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F&W Commander Pro VFD Controller and Systems
F&W Commander Pro VFD Controller and SystemsF&W Commander Pro VFD Controller and Systems

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VS Controller Kit w/Pressure Switch:
TVS Controller Kit w/Pressure Transducer:
Replacement Switch & Transducer Kits:
Replacement Transducer, Switch Leads:
Internet Gateway Z Controller:
Commander Pro TVS15 & Pump Packages:
Commander Pro TVS20 & Pump Packages:
Commander Pro TVS30 & Pump Packages:
NOTE LT Models Do Not Include Tank:
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Set Up Commander Pro VFD System

Watch a video, on VFD Set Up, Made Easy

Flint & Walling Commander Pro VFD Sytem provides an easy-to-read displays, variable flow control, and adjustable constant pressure. For more information on the inner workings of the Commander Pro please call 866-960-9621 today!

Commander® Pro VFD Packages Features

Plug and Play interchangeable with corresponding Franklin Sub Drive models

New Updated Features

  • Maximum frequency adjustment in single increments from 50Hz to 80Hz.
  • High pressure limit control: When reaching 85%(default) of 100psi transducer or user custom set point shuts down controller output until reaching normal perimeter pressures.
  • Added: Selectable languages.
  • Easy-to-read diagnostic digital display
  • Increases flow as demand increases
  • Adjustable constant pressure
  • Automatic pump and motor protection
  • Superior cooling and dust protection
  • Meets Part 15 Class A FCC electronic interference standards
  • Programming lockout for secure operation
  • Tamper-proof cover
  • Automatic fan designed to maximize cooling
  • NEMA 3R for indoor/outdoor use


  • Residential water systems - 'city-like' water pressure, smaller tank saves space
  • Geothermal systems - No need for large buried tanks, eliminates pressure cycling
  • Lawn irrigation systems - Even distribution of water in zones, eliminates need for separate system
  • Water treatment systems - More efficient back flushing, no need for multiple pumps

Systems include

Flint & Walling Models: VS Controller Assembly with Pressure Switch Models: TVS Controller Assembly with Pressure Transducer Models (expand picture on left of selections to compare)

Internet Gateway (expand picture on left of selections to view). 

General Specifications

Commander Pro Series Commander Pro 15 Series Commander Pro 20 Series Commander Pro 30 Series Commander Pro 50 Series
Model Number
with switch
VS 15 VS 20 VS 30 VS 50
Kit Model Number
with transducer
TVS 15 TVS 20 TVS 30 TVS 50
Max Horsepower 3PH Up to 1.5 HP 3PH Up to 2 HP 3PH Up to 3 HP 3PH Up to 5 HP
Input Voltage 1PH 200-250 Volts 1PH 200-250 Volts 1PH 200-250 Volts 1PH 200-250 Volts
Input Frequency 60/50 Hz 60/50 Hz 60/50 Hz 60/50 Hz
1ø Input Amps(RMS) 14.5 Amps 1ø 19 Amps 1ø 23 Amps 1ø 36 Amps 1ø
Input Power (Idle) 35 Watts 65 Watts 65 Watts 70 Watts
Output Amps (RMS)
Output Max Amps
5.9 Amps (RMS)
6.5 Amps (max)
8.1 Amps (RMS)
8.5 Amps (max)
10.9 Amps (RMS)
10.9 Amps (max)
18.0 Amps (RMS)
18.0 Amps (max)
Output/1 Phase 3-Wire 1PH 3-wire:1/2HP to 1-1/2HP 1PH 3-wire:1/2HP to 2HP 1PH 3-wire:1/2HP to 2HP 1PH 3-wire:1/2HP to 2HP
Output/3 Phase 3PH Up to 1.5 HP 3PH Up to 2 HP 3PH Up to 3 HP 3PH Up to 5 HP
Output Frequency Variable
3PH (30 ? 80 Hz)
1PH 3 Wire(30 - 60 Hz)
3PH (30 ? 80 Hz)
1PH 3 Wire(30 - 60 Hz)
3PH (30 ? 80 Hz)
1PH 3 Wire(30 - 60 Hz)
3PH (30 ? 80 Hz)
1PH 3 Wire(30 - 60 Hz)
Pressure 25 ? 80 PSI (Preset to 50PSI)
Ambient Temp. Range -20° C (-4° F) to 50° C (122° F)
Weight 21 lbs. 21 lbs. 21 lbs. 25 lbs.


  • TV & TVS Controller Purchase Only; 1 Year Warranty
  • Complete Pump & Controller Systems, Submersible Pump/Motor 5 Year Warranty & Controller 3 Year Warranty

Model Comparison Charts

Pump Performance Charts

Pump Performance Curves

Technical Data

Commander Pro Variable Frequency Drives Catalog

F&W VFD Guides

Commander Pro VFD Quick Start Guide

Submersible Constant Pressure Installation Guide

Flint & Walling Screen Kit for VS Drives

Z Control Gateway

Features and Benefits

  • Stay connected to the job site with Global VFD monitoring
  • Connects to Commander Pro VS Controller
  • Push-button simple setup
  • Restore service remotely from anywhere an internet connection is available
  • Diagnose problems before arrival and solve issues in record time
  • Call customers before they are aware of potential problems
  • Sends you and your customers email or text notifications

Applications include

  • Turf irrigation
  • Residential
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock production
  • Industrial
  • Municipal

System includes

  • Gateway Z Controller
  • Strain relief
  • 7 Ft. connection wire
  • Power supply
  • Quick start guide

Products Specifications

Overall Dimensions 14"Lx4.2"Hx4.2"W
Standard Weight 6 lb.

Z Controller Gateway Guide & Catalog

Z Controller Gateway Catalog
Z Controller Gateway Quick Start Guide

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