Franklin SubDrive 50 VFD Controller NEMA3

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Franklin SubDrive VFD Controllers

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Franklin SubDrive 50 VFD Controller NEMA3

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SubDrive50 (NEMA-3R) (Indoor/Outdoor Protection)

Product number: 5870205503C

Input from power source:  

  • Phase In:
    • 1 Single-phase
      • Input Volts: 208-230v
      • Frequency: 60-50HZ
      • Current (max): 36A
      • Power (idle) 7 watts
      • Power Factor -0.95
      • Power (max) 7.2 kW
      • Wire gauge size(s): (Consult Federal, State and local codes for branch circuit installations
    • Output Power:  
      • Voltage: Adjust with Frequency
      • Phase Out: Single-phase (3-Wire) OR Three-Phase
      • Frequency Range:
        • 30-78 Hz 1/2-rated mismatched pump with three-phase motor
        • 30-70Hz 2/3 or 3/4-rated mismatched pump with three-phase motor
        • 30-60Hz matched pump with three-phase motor
        • 30-63HZ matched pump with single-phase motor
      • Current Max: 17.8A (three-phase) 17.0A (single-phase)
      • Wire Gauge Size: #6 - #12*. - Refer to Franklin Installation SubDrive Manual
    • Pressure setting:
      • Analog Transducer: 5-95 psi (.3 - 6.6bar)
      • Pressure Sensor: 25-80 psi (1.7 - 5.5 bar)
    • Operating Conditions: (A) (at 230 VAC Input): -13° F to 122° F (-25° C to 50° C)
      • Relative Humidity: 20-95%, non condensing
    • Controller Size: (B) Outer Dimensions and Weight:  26-1/8" X 15-3/8" X 11-1/2" (66 X 39 X 29 cm) Weight: 31lb. (14.1kg) (approximate)

For use with: (C) Pump (60 HZ)

  • 0.5HP .(0.37kw) pump with 214505-series motor
  • 0.75HP .(0.55kw) pump with 214507-series motor
  • 1HP .(0.75kw) pump with 214508-series motor
  • 1.5HP .(1.1kw) pump with 224300-series motor
  • 2HP .(1.5kw) pump with 224301-series motor
  • 3HP .(2.2kw) pump with 224302-series motor
  • 0.5HP (0.37kw), 0.75HP (0.55kw), or 1HP (0.75kw) pump with 234513-series motor
  • .75HP (0.55kw), 1HP (0.75kw), or 1.5HP (1.1kw) pump with 234514-series motor
  • 1HP (0.75kw) or 2HP (1.5kw) pump with 234315-series motor
  • 1.5HP (1.1kw), 2HP (1.5kw) or 3HP (2.2kw) pump with 234316-series motor
  • 3HP (2.2kw) or 5HP (3.7kw) pump with 234317-series motor         

For use with: (C) FE Motor

  • 214505-series motor (.5HP, .37kW) single phase, 3 wire
  • 214507-series motor (.75HP, .55kW) single phase, 3 wire
  • 214508-series motor (1HP, .75kW) single phase, 3 wire
  • 224300-series motor (1.5HP, 1.1kW) single phase, 3 wire
  • 224301-series motor (2HP, 1.5kW) single phase, 3 wire
  • 224302-series motor (3HP, 2.2kW) single phase, 3 wire
  • 234513-series motor (1HP, .75kW) three phase
  • 234514-series motor (1.5HP, 1.1kW) three phase
  • 234315-series motor (2HP, 1.5kW) three phase
  • 234316-series motor (3HP, 2.2kW) three phase
  • 234317-series motor (5HP, 3.7kW) three phase

Notes: Refer to Franklin Electric's SubDrive/MonoDrive Installation Manual

  • (A) Operating temperature is specified at full output power when installed as described in Controller Location Selection.
  • (B) Refer to detailed Mounting Dimensions.
  • (C) If a pump rather than the default rating is used, refer to Drive Configuration.

* Refer to detailed Circuit Breaker and Wiring Sizing charts.

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Product Q & A (2)

1 answer
Q: WILL THE 2016 subdrive 50 controller replace the 2008 subdrive150 controller, as is?
7 years ago
Posted by Robert
Answer the Question
Accepted Answer
7 years ago
Posted by Staff
Franklin used to use the HP rating of the pump end in the part number for SubDrives. They now use the HP of the motor in the part number of the SubDrives. So your question is does the SubDrive 150 which is for a 1-1/2HP pump end and 3HP motor is now the SubDrive 30. A SubDrive 50 would also work but can handle up to 3PH 5HP motors also. The SubDrive 30 is also a NEMA 3R which can replace both SubDrive 150 NEMA1 and NEMA4 models. The new SubDrives can use either a pressure switch or a transducer for pressure control. Bottom line is yes the SubDrive 50 will directly replace the SubDrive 150 but you could also choose to reduce your cost by using the SubDrive 30. David Slagle
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1 answer
Q: Is the subdrive50 more rugged for a smaller motor, since it is over spec'd To control a 5HP motor! Does it come with a sensor or a transducer?
7 years ago
Posted by Robert
Answer the Question
Accepted Answer
7 years ago
Posted by Staff
Yes, it would be more rugged for smaller motors. Its all about the heat it generates while doing its work, smaller motor - less heat. The specs do contain the motors compatible with the SubDrive 50. It is a kit containing all hardware needed for operation. The newest SubDrive's have the ability to use either a transducer or pressure switch supplied by Franklin.
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