Square D 40/60 Pump Pressure Switch

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Square D 40/60 Pump Pressure Switch

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Square D 40/60 Pump Pressure Switch

Square D Part: 9013FSG2J24

Settings: Pump comes on at 40psi - Pump goes of at off 60psi

  • Adjustable
  • Dual Pole
  • HP Rated: 1-1/2HP @115V and 2HP@230V

Technical Data

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Caution: There is live electrical current present in the switch that could cause injury or death. Adjust at your own risk.

Pressure Switch Adjustment Info

Pressure Switch Adjustment Info 

NOTE: A gauge is required in your system to make accurate adjustments. New adjustments aren't configured while pump is running. You must run an additional cycle on and off to review your new settings on your gauge. Limit the amount of turns to about 4 turns up or down for each test. We always advise to take a measurement from the top of stud to top of adjusting nut before making any adjustment for a starting reference. That reference should be 3/4" fom top of stud to top of big nut #1 for a 40/60 setting. If using this switch with a HP rating over 2HP 230V you must use a Deluxe control box. This allows the switch to simply tell the pump to start and stop via a magnetic contactor coil at low amperage in the Deluxe type control box. Call 1-866-960-9621 if more info is needed.

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