Worldwide Power and Pump Services Inc. was established in 2001 (22 years ago). We were at that time a pioneer in eCommerce and have continued to be a competitive provider of professional quality well products direct to installers and consumers. Pricing is by far the most important thing for customers to be directed to your website but is far less important when receiving a product damaged in shipping or not as described. Worldwide Power and Pump Services goes to great extremes to ship as promptly and safely as possible on any of the products purchased. Remember the shipping is free and all the benefits of free shipping, extra packing and delivery in a reasonable time are included with the purchase price. This makes it hard to show the value of free shipping benefits in an advertised price. Remember price may not be the best way to purchase the item but the value of the product purchased to your door should be the consideration. The reason Express shipping services are not an option on our website is because if we don't have an item because 10 were purchased earlier today we wouldn't have a next day product available to ship. The express services are available but a call to 866-960-9621 is required to confirm the product is available for express services and the order will be taken by phone. The reason 866-960-9621 may require you leave a message is because David Slagle is the only person answering it. If he's on the phone with another customer, an incoming call cannot be answered. This way you get 100% of his attention during your call. Messages are converted to text on David's computer screen while he is on a call and return calls will be made as soon as he is available. He knows your awaiting his return call soon as the message is placed. Please be patient enough for that return call, it is generally made in minutes. Contact with a product provider is very important but not providing correct customer contact info such as phone numbers and email addresses causes no communication in tracking, receipt for the purchase or questionable product purchases that can't be confirmed. If you have any questions prior to buying, need help choosing what would be the best selection for you and want to verify there's communication with the seller please call David Slagle at 866-960-9621 and if no answer leave a message for a prompt return call.

Worldwide Power and Pump Services, Inc. phone hours are from 8am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday. Website purchases are available 24/7.

Physical address: 15090 Briar Ridge Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33912

Note: If the shipping address is outside the lower US 48 states, $5000 is added to the order to avoid customer attempting to get free shipping outside our guidelines.

Also if your purchasing a product not designed to run on residential power $5000 is added to avoid be delivered something that wont work for you.