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F&W CPJ Convertible Jet Pump
F&W CPJ Convertible Jet PumpF&W CPJ Convertible Jet PumpF&W CPJ Convertible Jet Pump

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To Purchase Flint and Walling CPJS Shallow Well Pumps with Shallow Well Adapter included, (Click Here).

Features and Benefits:

Whether operating as a shallow well (CPJS) or deep well pump (CPJ), count on F&W's versatile, powerful jet pumps to deliver more water at full city pressures. These pumps provide higher single stage capacities and pressures; depths to 150' (46 m), capacities to 1,800 GPH (6,814 LPH) and as much as 90lb (41 Kg) pressure.

The CPJ models feature the famous Flint and Walling "Service Plus" motor, available with NEMA J construction. The F&W 56 frame, double ball bearing motor offers the ultimate in performance and dependability.

Designed for years of trouble-free operation and simple, swift, on-site servicing, the CPJ features unique interchangeability of replacement parts to keep inventories at a minimum.

  • Pressure: up to 90lbs (41 Kg)
  • Shallow well (CPJS) suction lift: up to 25' (8 m)
  • Deep well vertical distance to water: up to 150' (46 m)

Includes: pump, motor, pressure switch and pressure regulator for deep well applications.

Order ejector and pressure gauge separately. 

Product Specification:

  • Motor: 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 HP
  • Hertz: 60 Hz
  • RPM: 3450 RPM
  • Phase: 1 Ph
  • Flow: 1,800GPH/30GPM

Technical Information:

Model Comparison Charts:

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Pump Performance Charts:

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Performance Chart, CPJ With Convertible SW Ejector Jet Pumps, 60hz


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Technical Support:

132463, CPJ Instructions, 60hz

FW0030, CPJ CPJS Repair Parts, 60hz    (Click Here) To purchase parts in new window.

Is your jet pump not producing the pressure it used to? In the front on most shallow well jet pumps and deep well jet pumps with shallow well adapters there is a 1/4" pipe plug located in the front of the pump or shallow well adapter where the center of impeller would line up (usually right below the suction pipe). Remove that 1/4" plug and make sure the jet is open and not plugged. This is a common occurrence and by cleaning this jet from being restricted or plugged can renew your jet pumps pressure.

Plugged JetOpen Jet


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