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F&W OEM CPH Jet Pump Parts

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* Note: KF Service Kits includes: Impeller, Diffuser, Rotary Seal, Quadraseal, Diffuser Rubber except KF04 below

** Note: KF04 Service Kit includes: Rotary Seal, Quadraseal (2), Diffuser Rubber

 # Hardware Store Item

## Diffuser w/134240 Insert

++ Impeller w/138138 Seal Ring

F&W Jet Pump Not Producing Pressure Like it Used to?

Is your jet pump not producing the pressure it used to? In the front on most shallow well jet pumps and deep well jet pumps with shallow well adapters there is a 1/4" pipe plug located in the front of the pump or shallow well adapter where the center of impeller would line up (usually right below the suction pipe). Remove that 1/4" plug and make sure the jet is open and not plugged. This is a common occurrence and by cleaning this jet from being restricted or plugged can renew your jet pumps pressure.

F&W Plugged JetF&W Open Jet

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