CPH07 3/4HP Convertible Jet Pump

CPH Convertble Deepwell Series Jet Pumps, Parts, and Motors

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CPH07 3/4HP Convertible Jet Pump
CPH07 3/4HP Convertible Jet PumpCPH07 3/4HP Convertible Jet PumpCPH07 3/4HP Convertible Jet Pump
CPH07 3/4HP Convertible Jet PumpCPH07 3/4HP Convertible Jet Pump

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Features and Benefits

A Flint and Walling CPH07 jet pump is an American type of water pump that can operate as either a shallow well or a deep well pump, depending on the installation and the ejector used. It has a 3/4 HP American motor that runs at 3450 RPM and can be powered by either 115 or 230 volts. It comes with an Automatic, start and run overload, to ensure complete winding protection. It can deliver up to 15 GPM @ 50 PSI of water at pressure up to 75 pounds per square inch (PSI) in shallow well applications (please see chart for deepwell performances). It has a cast iron body, a thermoplastic impeller, and a silicone carbide seal. It comes with a pump, a motor, and a pressure switch, but the flow control valve, the ejector, and the pressure gauge have to be ordered separately. It is designed for easy priming, high performance, and long-lasting durability. It has a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


CPH07 1PH 3/4HP Cast Iron Deep Well Jet Pump

  • Pump Material: Cast Iron
  • Impeller Material: Composite 
  • PH: 1PH (residential power)
  • HP: 3/4
  • Stages: 1 (number of impellers) 
  • Volts: 115/230
  • SF Amps: 14/7
  • HZ: 60HZ
  • Motor Enclosure: ODP (Open Drip Proof) Rain Proof
  • Suction/Discharge Pipe Sizes - Female NPT: 1-1/4" X 3/4"

Technical Data

Model Comparison Charts

Motor Specification Chart, CPH Convertible Jet Pump Series, 60hz

Product Specification Chart, CPH Convertible Jet Pump Series, 60hz 

Pump Performance Charts

Performance Chart, CPH Deepwell Capacities Jet Pumps, 60hz

Performance Chart, CPH Shallow Well Pump With Convertible Ejector Jet Pumps, 60hz

Performance Chart, CPH Deep Well Capacities With 2" Single Pipe Ejector Jet Pumps, 60hz


FW0180, CPJ CPH EK FJ Catalog, 60hz

Technical Support

020183, Convertible Jet Instructions, 60hz

CPH Series Repair Parts

Is your Shallow Well Jet Pump Not Producing Pressure Like It Used To?

Is your jet pump not producing the pressure it used to? In the front, on shallow well jet pumps and deep well jet pumps with shallow well adapters (as seen in picture below pump), there is a 1/4" pipe plug located in the front center of the pump or shallow well adapter, where the center of impeller would line up (usually right below the suction pipe). Remove that 1/4" plug and make sure the jet is open and not plugged. This is a common occurrence, and by cleaning this jet from being restricted or plugged, can renew your jet pump pressure without the disassembly of the pump. Find an example in the pictures below.

Flint & Walling Plugged JetFlint & Walling Open Jet 

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