1/2HP 230V 2W Submersible Motor

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2 Wire Submersible 4" Motors

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1/2HP 230V 2W Submersible Motor

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Features and Benefits

  • Nitrile Rubber Shaft Seal. Three-part design protects motor from contamination.
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel shaft. Features polished bearing journals for extended bearing life.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Stator Liner.
  • Stainless Steel Carbon Graphite Kingsbury Thrust Bearing. Provides self-aligning axial support up to 650 lbs. for reliable operation.
  • 301 Stainless Steel Shell and 304L Stainless Steel Stator Ends. Hermetically sealed for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Carbon Graphite Radial Bearings. Precision ground for high load capability and long life.

100% Factory Tested

  • Stator hi-pot, resistance, surge.
  • Weld quality
  • High pressure motor integrity verification.
  • Final motor hi-pot, no load, and maximum thrust load.
    • Drinking water NSF/ANSI 61
    • Max Water Temp 86 degrees F without need for flow inducer sleeve.

Description: (2) wire motors have 2 lead wires for power and 1 ground wire. Lead wires are included with all F&W submersible motors. Specs. for 2 wire motor leads are 14/2 Awg. and are 48" long.

F&W motors are built to NEMA 4" submersible motors specifications and interchange with other makes such as Franklin, Pentek, Centri-Pro and Grundfos motors built to NEMA standards for 4" submersible motors.

Product Specifications

1/2HP to 1-1/2HP 2 wire F&W submersible motors have internal overload protection built in.

  • HP: 1/2
  • Volts: 230
  • KW: .37
  • HZ: 60
  • Amps: 5
  • Watts: 740
  • SF: 1.6
  • S.F. Amps 6
  • S.F. Watts: 960
  • Winding Ohms: 4.1-5.3
  • LR Amps: 32
  • KVA Code: R
  • Model 137414

Technical Data

Submersible Motor Data

Single Phase Motor Fuse Sizing: 15amp Breaker, Standard Fuse: 20amp or dual Element Time Delay Fuse: 10amp.

Submersible motors should not be cycled on and off in excess of 1 time in 5 minutes and be limited to 25-50 starts in 24 hours.

A (2) wire submersible motor requires a minimum of 10 seconds between starts for the internal start/run switch to reset.

Engine driven generator requirements - External Regulated: KW: 3, KVA: 3.75 - Internally Regulated: KW: 2.25, KVA: 2.85

Note: Generator should always be running before motor connected. Before stopping a pump, shut off pump before turning off generator. Most generators today are of the external regulated type. Internal regulated generators have an internal winding and it controls the output current.

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