Flint and Walling Artesian VFD Drive Irrigation Controllers

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Flint and Walling Artesian Drive VFD Irrigation Controller and Systems

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Flint and Walling Artesian VFD Drive Irrigation Controllers
Flint and Walling Artesian VFD Drive Irrigation ControllersFlint and Walling Artesian VFD Drive Irrigation ControllersFlint and Walling Artesian VFD Drive Irrigation Controllers

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Features and Benefits

Artesian Drive® is a line of custom-programmed Variable Speed Drives (VFD) that enhance the performance of standard centrifugal pumps. When applied correctly to 3 Ph motor-driven pumps, the Artesian Drive® eliminates pressure-cycling associated with conventional pressure-switch-controlled water pumping systems and provides a constant output pressure by increasing or decreasing motor speed, based upon demand.

Artesian Drive® is factory-programmed for F&W centrifugal pumps to provide optimum performance and motor protection. The Artesian Drive® can be used with other pump brands, provided the pump is powered by a 3 Ph motor that does not exceed the maximum current output rating of the drive.

  • Pre-programmed drives: no need for field technician to program the drive at the site
  • Drives are available for centrifugal pumps powered by a 3 Ph motor
  • Constant water pressure with a wide range of settings (30-80 PSI)*
  • Pressure is easily adjusted with a 7/32 (5.6 mm) allen wrench
  • Works with a small pressure tank or larger tank, already in place
  • No in-rush current at start-up
  • Soft start reduces mechanical/electrical stress, prolonging pump and motor life
  • Built-in protection and diagnostics:
  • Motor overload
  • Locked or bound pump with auto-reversing torque
  • Low line voltage
  • Short circuit
  • High voltage/lightning protection
  • Dry run conditions, using intelligent load monitoring
  • Overheated drive with automatic reset

Included items:

  • Factory-programmed variable speed drive unit
  • NEMA 1 enclosure
  • Pressure sensor, preset at 50 PSI
  • Sensor adjustment tool
  • 10' (3 m) sensor cable

Notes: The maximum obtainable system pressure is limited by the performance of the pump installed.

Product Specifications

  • Motor:  1 - 20 HP
  • Hertz:  60 Hz
  • Volts:  Input: 230 V - Output: 0 - 230 V
  • Phase:  Input: 1 and 3 Ph; Output: 3 Ph
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Artesian Drive Catalog, 60hz


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Artesian Drive Pump Packages

What's Included in the Artesian Drive Package System?

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