Goulds GT Irrigator Lawn Irrigation Pumps

Goulds GT15 1-1/2HP Single Phase - Irri-Gator Series Lawn Pump
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Goulds GT20 2HP Single Phase - Irri-Gator Series Lawn Pump
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The Goulds GT Irrigator is a great lawn sprinkler pump. It comes in many HP models depending on your application needs. It is a higher volume and lower pressure pump than its cousin - the jet pump. A Goulds Irrigator may be used when the surface of the water does not exceed 25 feet down from the earth's surface. It can also be used to boost existing water pressure or pump from a lake, stream or storage tank. It has a large 1-1/2" FNPT inlet and outlet for higher pumping volumes. It was designed to function several sprinkler heads at once when their required working pressure is 20 to 40PSI. If you have a need to pump (lift water up a hill) &/or require more output pressure for your application, you might look at a multi-stage jet (multiple impeller) pump.