Goulds 1HP J10S Shallow Well Cast-Iron Jet Pump

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Shallow Well Jet Pumps

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Goulds 1HP J10S Shallow Well Cast-Iron Jet Pump

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Features and Benefits

1HP J10S Shallow Well Cast-Iron Jet Pump

Description:  J10S

  • HP: 1
  • Volts: 115/230 (whether hooked up using 115v or 230v power consumption of the pump remains the same)
  • PH: 1
  • Enclosure: ODP
  • Suction/Discharge: 1-1/4" FNPT X 1" FNPT


Basic Pump Unit: Includes pump with integral shallow well jet (nozzle and venturi), motor, pressure switch and tubing.

Technical Data

Goulds Technical Brochure - Shallow Well Jet Pumps Brochure

NOTE: Damage in shipping is a high risk if Goulds Jet pumps do not get upgraded repacking. Beware of shipping using the factory carton only.

"FREE" Upgraded Packing Includes: Pumps are removed from factory carton, bolted to a plywood base, Styrofoam is added, and carton is re stapled and banded. Tape is applied over carton carrying holes so the box must be carried from the bottom.

NOTE: Pumps are placed in boxes made for pallet shipping from factory to distributors and were not intended for shipping individually. Gould's pumps from the factory are provided in cartons for carry out purposes and are not secured in the carton for dependable shipping.

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1 5 out of 5 stars by Bill on May 2nd 2013

Goulds 1HP J10S Shallow Well Cast-Iron Jet Pump

Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: I have owned mine for 17 years used it 6 months every year.

Cons: It finally got tired and had to replace with same model.

Product Q & A (1)

1 answer
Q: I will have the pump running on 230v normally, if power is out due to hurricane etc: I have a 115v generator (30 amp) and will be pluged into outlet on house & run thru generator breaker on breaker panel so will need to switch the j10s from 230v to 115v.
I understand that there is a switch on the pump motor, is moving the switch all that is needed to switch motor from 230v to 115v & that I do not need to move any wires around ?
7 years ago
Posted by calvin
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Accepted Answer
7 years ago
Posted by Staff
First and foremost be sure your not back feeding current into the grid that has lost power. You need to isolate your home from the grid before plugging a generator into the home electrical system. Second I don't know how many starting watts your generator has so I'm not sure your generator has enough power to start that pump. Usually a generator that has only 115V available would not be large enough. I would first isolate the pump straight to the generator and see if the generator would start that pump and that will answer your question. Remember that when using a generator, it must be to full speed before the pump is plugged in. If the pump is plugged in while the generator is started, damage to the pump could occur. When changing voltage, it is described on the decal of the pump motor how to make that voltage change. Some motors have a switch, some you have to move a plug-in on back of the motor along with other methods. Not sure which one yours is. If you look at the Grundfos Scala2 115V, its only 550watts. This is a better pump for generator use and will work on your 115V generator.
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