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Franklin 1/2HP 20GPM Bottom Suction Cistern Pump
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Cistern, Aerator or Gray Water Pump


  This pump was specifically designed for tanks and bottom suction applications. It is an excellent choice for installation in an aerator tank for residential applications. It includes a built in check valve. It also has a suction port several inches lower than a submersible deep well pump utilizing more available water. It also has a cooling sleeve included for proper cooling of the motor not found on submersible well pumps. It has a 10' submersible cord included so no under water splice is necessary. The 1/2HP with choice of 115V or 230V, 20GPM pump provides up to 71psi of water pressure. It is also commonly used for gray water (up to .080 solids) effluent applications.


Franklin C1 Cistern Pump Brochure

Franklin C1 Cistern Pump Owners Manual