CJ101 Replacement Parts

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CJ101 Replacement Parts and Motors

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CJ101 Replacement Parts
CJ101 Replacement PartsCJ101 Replacement PartsCJ101 Replacement Parts

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Reseal Kit Includes: 130968 Gaskets, 131100 Mechanical Seal, and 020240 Square Cut Rings, required for stages selected. 

125204 Mounting Ring Kit Includes: 125204 Mounting Ring + Reseal Kit for stages selected. 


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View and Purchase 1PH & 3PH CJ101 Motors

A "complete" brass impeller pump end can replace the plastic impeller pump end as long as they are the same HP.

Note: Brass and Plastic impellers are not interchangeable.
+6.5 138138 (not shown) - plastic impeller hub ring-seal (goes over impeller hub of CJ101D201 impellers only) 
^139348 Thermoplastic Impeller Kit for CJ101D201 2HP 3 Stage Only Includes; 139221 Thermoplastic Impeller and 138138 Seal Ring
If your having trouble identifying if you have a CJ101 2HP 3 stage or 3HP 3 stage:
2HP 3 stage model plastic or brass impellers have 5 vanes in each,
3HP 3 stage model plastic or brass impellers have 9 vanes in each.
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