Shakti Stainless Steel Pump Assemblies

Shakti Stainless Steel Pump Assemblies

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Pump End Materials Of Construction

Component Splined Shaft (6-27 Stgs.) Component Splined Shaft (6-27 Stgs.)
Check Valve Housing 304 Stainless Steel Cable Guard 304 Stainless Steel
Check Valve 304 Stainless Steel Priming Inducer 304 Stainless Steel
Diffuser Chamber 304 Stainless Steel Coupling 304 Stainless Steel
Impeller 304 Stainless Steel Check Valve Seat NBR
Suction Interconnector 304 Stainless Steel Top Bearing NBR
Inlet Screen 304 Stainless Steel Impeller Seal Ring NBR/PBT
Pump Shaft 304 Stainless Steel Intermediate Bearings NBR
Straps 304 Stainless Steel


Premium 100 Motor Materials Of Construction

Part Material Part Material
Sand Slinger NBR Rotor Sub Assy N/A
Seal Cover PPS Top Flange MS
Oil Seal EPDM+  SS AISI:304 Stator Pipe SS AISI-304
Top End Bell Cover SS:AISI-304 Stator Sub Assy N/A
Top End Bell CI FG-260 Thrust Disc Antimony Carbon
Shaft Bush Nylon 30% Glass Filled Thrust Pad SS AISI-420
Bush Carbon With Resign Impregated Leveling Disc MS+ Hard Chrome
Rotor Shaft SS (Stainless Steel Special Grade) Bottom End Bell CI FG-260
Diaphragm EPDM Bottom End Bell Cover SS AISI-304
Bottom Flange MS